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Fragments of Light provides a forum where artists and critics from many countries are able to share thoughts, interests and ideas in the area of the arts and spirituality, and the power of creative expression to humanize our culture and to heal and transform lives. The blog includes both excerpts from published essays, and original reflections by artists, writers, musicians, and theatre professionals. By inviting readers to respond to these published texts, we hope to promote conversation, reflection, and discussion on faith and creativity, contemplative prayer and esthetic experience, Christian liturgy and beauty, and related themes.

The momentum of the blog draws its energy from the seasons of the Church year and shared important feasts. If you would like to participate either as a regular or guest contributor, or if you have ideas for topics of conversation, please email Lillian Miao.

What Lies Hidden in the Text

A master of carefully drawn capitals, Belgian calligrapher, Yves Leterme’s Calligraphic Paintings explode with expressive gesture.

Yves Leterme, Coup de Bleu


Yves Leterme,  The Barest Essence

Looking at Leterme’s  “Calligraphic Paintings,” raises a question in my mind: Leterme’s calligraphy, his “artful lettering,” shows such commitment to beautifully crafted text, how did he come to do works in which expressive gestures sometimes actually obscures the text?

Yves Leterme,  A Scarcity of Letters

Artist Bio
Yves Leterme (b. 1959 Belgium), by profession a teacher of Latin and Greek, began his study of calligraphy in 1991.
Now an internationally recognized calligrapher, Leterme also teaches lettering and calligraphy. His work is part of private and museum collections all across the world. He is co-founder, coach and chief master of the Whitespace-system, a school for contemporary calligraphy in Flanders.