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Fragments of Light provides a forum where artists and critics from many countries are able to share thoughts, interests and ideas in the area of the arts and spirituality, and the power of creative expression to humanize our culture and to heal and transform lives. The blog includes both excerpts from published essays, and original reflections by artists, writers, musicians, and theatre professionals. By inviting readers to respond to these published texts, we hope to promote conversation, reflection, and discussion on faith and creativity, contemplative prayer and esthetic experience, Christian liturgy and beauty, and related themes.

The momentum of the blog draws its energy from the seasons of the Church year and shared important feasts. If you would like to participate either as a regular or guest contributor, or if you have ideas for topics of conversation, please email Lillian Miao.

Light Before Light

Artist Bobbette Rose is inspired by the relationship between the physical and the spiritual. She states: “I delve into what lies beneath our surfaces, revealing the mystery and fragility of the lives we build within a context of growth and decay, memory and the passage of time.”

Bobbette Rose, Light Before Light, encaustic and mineral pigment, 2010.


Bobbette Rose, Mercy Mild, encaustic, copper, wood, gold leaf, 2017.

The piece, Mercy Mild, was created in response to a line of text in Charles Wesley’s famous hymn:
Hark! The herald angels sing,
“Glory to the newborn King;
Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
God and sinners reconciled!”

Looking for peace in un-peaceful times, meditating on reconciliation, and a call to be generous as the Spirit of God brooding over the waters of creation was generous—“What,” the artist asked herself, does ‘mercy mild’ mean?” Her response is the work you see above. What is your response?

Bobbette Rose, State of Being, encaustic monotype, gold leaf, 2012.

Artist’s Bio
Bobbette Rose earned her MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and works professionally as a designer for print and web media. She teaches classes and workshops through both university and community arts programs. She works with mineral pigments, egg tempera, and beeswax, making her own paint from ground pigments. She has been exploring encaustic painting for the last 10 years.

Her work is displayed on her website:

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