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Dawn Comes Up So Young

Bernard Frize, Suroît, (2015), from the 2016 exhibition, “Dawn Comes Up So Young”

“. . . painting is about adding a new layer in our understanding of the world.”–Bernard Frize

“Just as someone listening to minimal music should simply be in the moment and stop trying to look for the math behind it to enjoy the actual music, so the viewer of Frize’s works is better off dropping the idea that the painting is a riddle that can be solved or a concept that is illustrated.”–Jurriaan Benschop



Bernard Frize, Navia, (2016).

“I don’t express myself in my paintings. I express my not-self.” —Mark Rothko

Artists Biography
Born in 1954 in Saint Mandé, France, Bernard Frize lives and works in Paris, France and Berlin, Germany. He has exhibited widely since the 1970’s and his work is represented in public collections around the world. Like others of his generation he sought to remove the evidence of his own presence from the painting’s surface, allowing the paint to speak for itself without the intervention of the artist’s ego. About his most recent canvases, made by pouring pigment onto the level surface and then angling the canvas so that the paint moves across it, he says. “These paintings are the result of an attempt to realize my dream—of a painting that makes itself.”