Fragments of Light

Little Theophanies

Skip McKinstry’s work is based primarily in photography. He often uses digital manipulation to achieve particular effects. Describing his work, McKinstry says, “The universe ‘speaks,’ praising God and making God known. Thus, the things I see around me already speak to me of the glory of God. Working through the images, editing, manipulating, and combining them is a sort of conversational process for me, perhaps better described as prayer.”

Skip McKinstry, First Day.

“Regardless of the medium, I believe that art, like people, provides little theophanies—unique, reflected light (and refracted light) insights into the nature of God.” —Skip McKinstry


Skip McKinstry, Out of Egypt.


Skip McKinstry, Fire By Night.

Where do you experience insights or expressions of the presence of God?

Artist bio

Skip McKinstry is an artist, graphic designer, photographer, and teacher based in Oklahoma. See more of his work on his web site:

3 thoughts on “Little Theophanies

  1. Skip McKinstry’s work moves me especially First Day and Out of Egypt. In the creation of the heavens and the earth, God’s work is beautiful. In its blended colors and shapes, I feel a purpose and direction.
    Can’t quite figure Out of Egypt, But the rectilinear lines that form a cosmic space that speaks again of a plan and purpose. Perhaps leaving Egypt by God’s hand is more than a story of one miracle. It is a reminder of God’s help available to His children in impossible situations which God allows to manifest His love and eternal plan.

    1. Thank you Andrew for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment. You are right about the lines. The whole series began with a photograph of a skylight in an entrance room at the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulfur, Oklahoma. The image fascinated me as it felt like light “breaking in” to the room. The lines in most of the images come from that initial photo of the skylight where the walls and ceiling join. Using them under all of the images of the series (past the first two) speaks exactly as you said, “of a plan and purpose.” In all of human history we find God breaking in to this world to make His love and help available. The miracle/miracles of the escape from Egypt are part of the infrastructure of creation made “before the foundation of the world” (1 Peter 1:20) to reveal the Source of our redemption.


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