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Nature’s Rhythms

Nick Tommey’s stainless steel wall sculptures are born of his experience working for various metal shops where he was inspired by his interaction with, and observation of, materials. Using the welding torch as a drawing implement, Tommey’s “Meditations in Metal” trace trails of energy, indelibly imprinted into metal.

Nick Tommey, Meditations in Metal XXVII

Through the almost mindless repetition of the welding unintended rhythms appear in my work the same way they do in natural patterns and rhythms like sand dunes, fingerprints, and so on. —Nick Tommey

Nick Tommey, GPS 4

I see the piece as an echo of an event, a capturing of a moment in time, where not only the physical energy changes are apparent…the oxidation of the steel giving way to different color bands, the contraction of the cooling steel causing warping of the plate . . . —Nick Tommey

Nick Tommey, Meditations in Metal XXII

The rhythm Tommey creates inspire me to look again at natures’ rhythms neither as accidental nor random. Can you discern the purposeful hand of a Creator?

Artist’s Bio
British Sculptor, Nick Tommey (b. 1970), studied at Cheltenham College of Art before moving to San Francisco where he lived for 10 years. He returned to England in 2008 and is now based in Stroud where he works as a full time sculptor. Nick’s work is held in private and corporate collections around the UK, the USA and Switzerland.