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Community of Jesus

The Community of Jesus is an ecumenical monastic community in the Benedictine tradition, whose mission is to be a faithful witness to the gospel, and to glorify God through worship, common life, creative arts, and hospitality. 270 men, women, and families from varied Christian traditions and a wide variety of occupations live together in consecrated community life.

At the heart of the Community’s property on the shores of Cape Cod Bay stands the Church of the Transfiguration, built from 1997-2010 as a contemporary expression of the architectural style of 4th-century Christian basilicas. The church, enriched with hand-crafted mosaic and fresco images, bronze, glass, and stone sculpture, hosts daily community worship services including Holy Eucharist, Choral Evensong, and Liturgy of the Hours sung in Gregorian chant.

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