Fragments of Light

Struck by Beauty, Part Four

I believe that loving “wonder” may be evoked by the arts, whether religiously intentioned or not,” and that the evocation of wonder can constitute a transforming moment in the life of the human person. We need to see with humility if we are to become aware of our pain, and through the awakening of wonder to imaginatively love, so that the pain may be transformed into promise. It is in a universal sense that we need to know and love “the world”—to see its (and our) innate beauty in order to envision, and build, with exuberant ingenuity that which will turn our world’s sadness into joy.” What prophetic wonder does is help us face the difficult questions, and answer these in ways that give us life.”

(. . . ) In the beauty that delights us or breaks our heart, something is offered and understood, briefly, as wholeness and healing, and that “something” changes everything.
—Cecilia González-Andrieu, Bridge to Wonder, Art as a Gospel of Beauty

González-Andrieu describes the capacity of art to present the viewer or participant with an experience which she believes carries with it the potential to “confront and undo dogmatism, fundamentalism, and totalitarianism.” Her vision offers a heartfelt incentive for any artist to create with “exuberant ingenuity​.”​ Seeking after beauty—beauty always in the good company of truth—we are no longer in the realm of the artist’s selfish self expression.

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