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Eyes to See the Love of God

Artist, Grace Carol Bomer, describes her process: “My paintings combine abstraction and realism, because both the visible and the invisible world are real. I incorporate images, a line of poetry, embedded papers, or wax, and paint to create metaphors that point to this invisible reality and to the Incarnation which made visible the invisible!”

Grace Carol Bomer, There are Whispers of His Ways, oil and wax, 2011.


Grace Carol Bomer, Five Loaves and Two Fish, oil and wax on gold leaf on panel, 2018.

“Bending or hesed love is love that is humble and serves others. It is steady and everlasting. It is not “stiff-necked” or proud. It refers to bending down from the neck. It describes the love of God.”—Grace Carol Bomer

Grace Carol Bomer, Bending to Love, Pilgrim Series,  oil and wax, 2018.

How do you picture bending to love?

Artist Bio

Grace Carol Bomer is a native of Alberta, Canada. She graduated from Dordt College as a Secondary Education / English Major. Even before her liberal arts education, she realized her calling as an artist. After teaching six years, she began her career as an artist. She studied art at UNC Asheville, in Europe, and taught in China. Her work is included in many corporate and private collections in the U.S.

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