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To Form Anew

Artist Linda McCray uses abstract color, shape, and texture layered with symbolism.

Linda McCray, Passion to Pentecost

“The abstract element and universal symbol of light underlie all of my paintings. I image my Creator as Light.” —Linda McCray

Linda McCray, Light From Light

Linda McCray, To Form Anew

“To form visible signs of invisible grace, I use abstraction which—so powerfully through color, shape, and texture—speaks directly to the heart.”

Linda McCray, True Light

Richly layered, roughly textured, infused with brilliant color—what emotions do these images evoke?


Artist Bio

Linda McCray, MFA, CSD, lives and creates in Clancy, Montana. Her paintings are in public and private  collections throughout the United States. She has taught at Loyola University Chicago, The University of Mary, Helena College, The University of Montana, Carroll College and The University of Montana-Missoula.

To capture feelings of the light, warmth and peace of the Divine Presence, McCray uses a number of techniques, including the old masters’ use of glazes to capture luminosity. She also integrates found objects abounding with symbolism. For example in Light from Light, the line work was created using a blessed palm branch symbolizing resurrection.

To see more of her work visit her website: