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Transforming Vision

As the Lenten journey towards Easter leads to transformation—the valleys exalted, the mountains and hills made low, the crooked straightened, and the rough places made plain—new vision arises in the midst of the everyday.

Artist Lesley Vance creates luminous abstractions inspired by the seventeenth-century Spanish still life tradition. Her paintings evoke the simple, unassuming objects common to traditional still life without rendering any recognizable forms, freeing the viewer to appreciate light and color on new terms.


If art has a purpose, it is to interpret life, reproduce it in fresh visions. —Catherine Drinker Bowen


The supreme need in every hour of difficulty and distress is for a fresh vision of God. Seeing Him, all else takes on proper perspective and proportion. —G. Campbell Morgan


Artist Bio
Lesley Vance, (American, b.1977) began her career making representational still lifes. Her abstract work begins with the careful arranging and lighting of traditional still life objects such as fruits or shells. The artist then photographs these arrangements, and the resulting images serve as the basis for her abstract paintings. She creates her still life paintings by manipulating wet paint with a palette knife, erasing and editing her strokes until she feels that the final form has revealed itself.