Sacred Sites: The Holy Land in the Heart of Italy

A modern pilgrimage of faith

Christians have always felt deep reverence for the Holy Land and for generations countless numbers have aspired to travel there to “walk in the footsteps of Jesus.” But what if such a journey is too costly or too difficult to undertake? Medieval and Renaissance believers found a way to capture the meaning of those sacred sites by replicating them in their own cities and towns, and in the countryside.
Join Mons. Timothy Verdon, Prof. Alexei Lidov, and Fr. Martin Shannon, CJ as they lead a Mount Tabor pilgrimage tour of some of these hallowed places in the scenic regions of central Italy. After introductory discussions at the home of the Mount Tabor Centre at Villa Via Sacra in beautiful Barga, Sacred Sites: The Holy Land in the Heart of Italy will take us to the Holy Mountain of San Vivaldo, sometimes called the Jerusalem of Tuscany; to the old city center of Bologna; and to the hill town of Loreto on the shores of the Adriatic. The tour will conclude in the iconic city of Florence where we’ll join in the annual festive celebration of its protector and patron saint, John the Baptist. In city, town, and hillside, we’ll visit many of those historic Italian sites that for generations have evoked for every pilgrim-visitor the spirit and meaning of the Holy Land.
These unique places and the beauty of their accompanying artworks, together with a rich variety of scenic landscapes—and an equally rich experience of Italian cuisine—makes Sacred Sites: The Holy Land in the Heart of Italy a modern pilgrimage of faith for the renewal of heart, mind, and body.