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Mount Tabor Talks – Topics

*Lectures will be given via Zoom on each Saturday listed from
11:00 AM- 12:30 PM EST


JAN 9th | VERDON: Following the Star (the Magi in Art)


FEB 13th | VERDON: The Art of Penitence (Lenten Images)
Christian art has traditionally supported the spiritual emphasis of the changing liturgical seasons. Lent in particular, with its call for repentance, has stimulated images and installations focused on Christ’s death in expiation of humankind’s sinfulness. This talk looks at dramatic statuary groups depicting people bewailing the dead Savior: masterpieces by the 15th century master Niccolò dell’Arca and others.

FEB 20th | ROSSI: Creativity
What is creativity? Inborn talent or hard work? How does it develop and when is not there? In this session Dr Filippo Rossi offers a theoretical introduction to Creativity with video presentation and discussion following.


Both talks will be given on Saturday, March 27th

9:30- 10:45 AM, ROSSI: Tools of the Trade as Instrumentum Dei: Materials and Techniques

In this session Master Artist Filippo Rossi offers a discussion on materials and techniques, which  are foundation elements at the service of creativity. Join Dr. Rossi  as he shares some of his own creative process and use of materials and techniques from his studio in Florence, Italy.

11:00 AM- 12:30 PM VERDON: Michelangelo and Christ’s Passion (The Florence Pietà)
As we enter into Holy Week, Mons. Timothy Verdon offers an in depth meditation on one of Michelangelo’s last masterpieces, the Pietà, conserved in the Florence Cathedral Museum, of which Verdon is Director.  The talk will consider the theme of Christ’s death in Michelangelo’s art, and the artist’s deep personal faith.


APR 10th | VERDON: The Victory of Life (Easter in Renaissance Art)

The most important event of New Testament belief, Christ’s Resurrection, is not described in the Scriptures. That has not prevented artists however from imagining it. As we celebrate Eastertide, we invite you to join Monsignor Verdon as he reflects on a number of works focused on this theme.

APR 17th | ROSSI: Spirit and Beauty 

Art, which is Beauty, must be born from Beauty – not only aesthetic but also spiritual. 
Join Master Artist, Filippo Rossi in Tuscany, at a beautiful country setting close to the mountains and a place full of art, colors and history. Come with us to Barga, Lucca, the Italian home of the Mount Tabor Ecumenical Centre for Art and Spirituality as Filippo shares more about the centre and his own artistic and spiritual journey over the past 10 years.


MAY 8th | VERDON: The Great Mother (Nature and Mary)
MAY 15th | ROSSI: How to Organize an Art Studio


VERDON: St John the Baptist (The Precursor in Art)
ROSSI: Muses and Models
Dates for June TBD

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