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For the months of June, July and August, the Mount Tabor Talks will be hosted on Zoom from 10AM – 11:30 AM EST on the given date. 

To register, click on the topic links below (Registration for each session will go through our Eventbrite page. You will receive the zoom link  prior to the event.)

Saturday, July 10th | Mons Timothy Verdon Christian Monastic Life and Art 

One of the historic manifestations of Christian life is the monastic movement, which from the 3rd century to the present has offered believers a way of adhering more closely to the Gospel. Monasteries have traditionally fostered creative activity, seeing scholarship, music, architecture and the arts as ways of expressing the monks’ inner life. The resulting cultural heritage, rich in spiritual content, in turn influenced many other spheres of Christian experience.  Mons Timothy Verdon as he reflects on the messages of ancient and modern monastic art.


Sat, July 17th| Dr Filippo Rossi  A Painting

Join Master Artist  Filippo Rossi  in his studio as he walks through the process of  creating  a painting. Filippo will highlight the various phases of the creation of the work of art and  show one of the many possibilities of giving shape to the message that the artist wants to communicate.  He will also demonstrate some of the technical aspects involved on the realization of paintings.

If you are interested in signing up for additional talks with  with Mons Timothy Verdon and Dr Filippo Rossi,  or would like access to previously recorded sessions, please email [email protected]

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