November 27, 2015— February 7, 2016

Community of Jesus, 5 Bay View Drive, Orleans, MA



Every experience of faith is in fact “fragmentary,”partial. By putting our many different experiences together in common, we reach a unified vision. The artists of this exhibit are contemplatives, who express their faith in abstract forms and glowing colors. The “fragments” represent the experiences of an Italian Catholic man, and an American Protestant woman. Diverse in their styles, the artists communicate to portray an installation of festive solemnity, and the combination raises an expression of joy in the Spirit. The Exhibit opens November 27 at the Community of Jesus in Orleans, MA and will be on exhibit until February 2.


Filippo Rossi trained in the life drawing school at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, and graduated in art history from the University of Florence. Since 1997 he has been Visiting Professor at the Stanford University Centre for Overseas Studies in Florence. He is currently Coordinator of the Diocesan Office of Sacred Art and Church Cultural Heritage in Florence. His most recent solo shows have been hosted in Assisi, Florence, Arezzo, Italy, Crots, France, and Shangai (China). 2015 will end with shows in Cortona, and Bergamo, and participation in the show scheduled for the National Ecclesiastical Conference in Florence at the end of the year.


A native of Kansas City, Susan holds a Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the Maine College of Art, a Bachelor of Arts Degree for the University of Denver and an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies from Rockhurst College. She studied mosaic in Ravenna, Italy, with Alessandra Caprara, and helped fabricate the mosaic floor of the Church of the Transfiguration. In 2004, Susan designed a Creation cycle of stone sculpture in the Atrium of the Church of the Transfiguration, working with Sculptor Régis Demange. In 2014, Susan collaborated with Filippo Rossi for the exhibition “Luce del Mondo” (Light of the World). Susan’s work has also been featured in exhibitions in Detroit, Michigan, Portland, Maine; Kansas City, Missouri; and Panzano in Chianti. Future exhibits include a show scheduled for the National Ecclesiastical Conference in the fall of 2015, Florence, Italy. Susan is currently living in Lucca, Italy, while pursuing a Master’s Degree, with emphasis on abstract sacred art.