Lumen Christi: In the Light of the Risen Christ

Easter Encounters with Art


April 5-9, 2016

At the Community of Jesus on Cape Cod, MA

Lumen Christi: In the Light of the Risen Christ

THIS SACRED ART SCHOLA OFFERS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR ARTISTS AND THOSE WHO LOVE ART to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. Art historian Timothy Verdon, from Florence, Italy, and artist Gabriele Wilpers from Essen, Germany will lead the 5-day retreat at the monastic ecumenical Community of Jesus on Cape Cod. The Schola will provide studio mentoring, PowerPoint lectures and discussion, and group workshops.

The open studio environment with Gabriele Wilpers will allow for dialogue, education, and reflection on the search for the symbolic and spiritual contents in color and glass. Workshop participants will explore acrylic-based panel paintings in combination with other materials such as sand, marble powder, crackle finish or gold dust, in the spirit of Japanese Kintsugi technique which is characterized by the beauty of coincidence.

The Art retreat experience will include quiet times for reflection, monastic Vespers and graciously prepared meals. The retreat is available as a one-day experience, or a full five-day encounter, with accommodations provided. At a time when Christian artists suffer from isolation, lack of support and understanding, and a market-driven secular environment, Mount Tabor is offering an alternate experience of contemplation and creativity, focusing on the artists’ vital contribution to the faith conversation.